KONČAR Remote Terminal Input Output Unit – KONRTU

A cost efficient, configurable microprocessor-controlled device that interfaces objects in the physical world to a distributed control system by transmitting telemetry data and by executing control commands received form master system.

Implementing 8 industrial grade digital and analogue inputs along with control interfaces trough 8 digital and 4 analogue outputs, device contains serial RS232 or RS485 communication port for easy integration of existing field equipment allowing all in one solution for monitoring, supervision and control.

Technical data:

Ingress protection IP66
Hazardous areas (ATEX) zone-1
Power supply battery or external
Maximum power consumption 14,5W
Number of digital intputs 8 channels
Input voltage ranges 0-12V, 0-24V, 0-48V
number of digital outputs 8 channels
Type of outputs relay contacts – change over
Switching capacity 2A / 60VDC
Number analog inputs 8 channels, differential
Type voltage, current
Input measuring voltage ranges ±5VDC, ±10VDC, 0-24mADC
Number of analog outputs 8 channels
Output voltage ranges 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC, 0-20mADC, 4-20mADC, 0-24mADC
Communication interface RS 232 or RS 485
Local communication USB 2.0
Local data storage mikro SD card (industrial grade)  and  serial FLASH RAM
Radio module 2,4GHz, free spectrum
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