Excitation systems FAT, HPP Vrhovo, Slovenia, 3×14,3MVA

After almost thirty years of successful operation, our old analogue excitation systems at the HPP Vrhovo in Slovenia is ready for replacement with digital one. The replacement is planned as a part of the renewal of other secondary electrical equipment of the plant during this and next year.


Tvorničko preuzimanje sustava uzbuda za HE Vrhovo, Slovenija 3x14,3MVA

At the end of February, a successful FAT  was made in the presence of representatives of end customer SEL,  Ltd., supervision EIMV  Ltd., leading partner Kolektor Igin  Ltd. and contractor C&G  Ltd. Ljubljana. All tests have shown that systems are ready for delivery and installation on the facility.  

We are glad that all three excitation systems are delivered to HPP Vrhovo and just waiting for installation..