First KONČAR Voltage Regulators in the UK

Konreg S1000 type voltage regulators have been utilised for the first time in the UK on the Lynemouth Power Station biomass conversion project (North East England). The station consists of three 155MVA units, all of which are now running with S1000 based excitation systems.

The KONregS1000 based excitation system is single channel for the pilot exciter and dual channel for the main exciter, a total of three regulators per unit. KONČAR – ELECTRONICS AND INFORMATICS Ltd. for production and services (INEM) delivered the KONreg S1000 regulators along with engineering and software support; Excitation & Engineering Services (EES) designed and manufactured the overall system.

Commissioning of the first unit commenced in January 2018 and was performed by both KONČAR and EES.

KONČAR and EES worked together to implement new functionality to the S1000 such as the manual restrictive limiter, in order to meet the UK National Grid code requirements.