New AVR for main generator in NPP Krško

Končar Electronics and informatics has recently successfully commissioned automatic voltage regulator (AVR) for main generator 880MVA at NPP Krško for existing exciter. Končar executed the project on a turnkey basis. The overall project scope comprised the dismantling of existing WTA regulator and supply new automatic voltage regulator with all necessary cables, modification in control system of NPP Krško, simulation study and study of impact on main generator-transformer protection system as well as testing, erection and commissioning of new AVR. In order to meet all tender requirements excitation system is implemented in the dual-channel configuration with 1 + 1 thyristor bridges, which provides full redundancy of the system. Next year, during the NPP Krško regular overhaul, Končar’s specialists will readjust AVR parameters according to new exciter which will be installed.

Nuklearna elektrana Krško