New DC power supply system for the TS 110/20/10 kV Ksaver

DC power supply system for the TS 110/20/10 kV Zagreb Ksaver was contracted within the project of modification of monitoring, control, protection, and supply systems in transformer  substations. The new system in future will supply the following vital equipment in substation:

  • protection system, measurement and control of the 110 kV facility,
  • all drives for disconnectors, earthing switches and electro-hydraulic 110kV breakers,
  • substation computer,
  • emergency lighting,
  • remote control equipment and
  • telecommunications equipment.

DC power supply system KONIS-B 220 V, 40 A, 170 Ah is designed and manufactured by a high requirements and standards of HOPS (Croatian TSO) for UPS systems with DC voltage. The system consists of the following main parts: four modular rectifiers BFS, the control unit KONLOG, the battery pack 170 Ah, housed in two cabinets, battery protection and DC voltage distribution. In order to ensure the speedy and effective local control rectifier cabinets and distribution are provided with direct access, without doors.

Testing required characteristics and equipment quality was successfully carried out in the test station late February in the presence of investor representatives.