Power supply system for HPP Ozalj 1

Rreconstruction, testing and temporary commissioning of the power supply system in the hydro power plant Ozalj 1 was completed at the beginning of the month. The task was contracted as part of a comprehensive reconstruction of the power plant: primary and secondary electrical equipment, mechanical equipment and necessary architectural and construction works.

Hydro power plant Ozalj 1 is the second oldest hydropower plant in Croatia, it was built and put into operation in 1908 to supply Karlovac public lighting system and named “Munjara grada Karlovca” (Lightning factory of the city of Karlovac). It significantly contributed to the development of industry in Ozalj, Karlovac and Duga Resa in the years that followed.

This historically valuable facility is protected cultural heritage, under the supervision of the Directorate for the Protection of Cultural Heritage and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, which means that all works must be coordinated and realized with a special care.

The scope of the contract included the reconstruction of the 110 V DC supply system and delivery of a new uninterruptable 230 V AC power supply system. The reliability of the DC system was significantly increased by the incorporation of a new modular, redundant rectifier cabinet type KONIS-B 110 V, 60 A. Reliable AC power supply was realized with Modular UPS type Megaline rack. The final commissioning will be done upon completion of the reconstruction of other equipment.