Power supply system for TS 220/110/35 kV Međurić

The substation computer, technical protection and telecommunications equipment in the SS 220/110/35 kV Međurić are important and sensitive equipment that requires uninterruptible and stable AC voltage for its power supply.

The new system KONIS-BI 110 V, 80 A / 230 V, 11 kVA is designed according to the principles of the industrial UPS system, ensuring the highest level of reliability and availability.

Standard modular rectifiers and inverters are used, configured according to n + 1 redundant parallel operation principle. Other basic components of the system are: battery, static by-pass switch, manual by-pass switch, control unit and AC distribution panel.

At the end of March, Končar Inem contracted the design, production and assembly of equipment and commissioning. The design and the production of the equipment have been completed in a very short time. The quality control of the equipment was successfully carried out in the test station at the end of May in the presence of an investor’s representatives. Works on the transformer station starts according to plan, early June.