Power supply systems for Croatian TSO, TS 110/20 kV Medulin

KONČAR – Electronics and Informatics has contracted to produce DC power supply systems at 220 and 48 V within the construction of 110 kV facility of Croatian TSO in TS 110/20 kV Medulin. All factory testing were successfully carried out in the presence of buyer and investor representatives at the beginning of July. Delivery and installation of the equipment is planned by the end of the month, and commissioning in September.

110/20 kV transformation station Medulin is a new power facility built for the growing needs for power supply of the constantly expanding tourist-oriented consumption Medulin Riviera and is one of the largest investments of HEP and Croatian TSO in Istria County lately. The construction of the joint facility is taking place in close coordination between HEP ODS and Croatian TSO.

The 220 V DC power supply system will provide high-quality, uninterruptible power supply for the following important devices and equipment of the 110 kV facility:

  • motor drives and control circuits of 110 kV circuit breakers, disconnectors and earthing switches
  • position and alarm signalling in the 110 kV facility
  • power supply of control units of 110 kV fields
  • supply of relay protection for 110 kV facility
  • supply of remote control equipment, billing measurement and quality control of electricity
  • power supply of emergency lighting
  • the power supply of the inverter for uninterrupted power supply of a part of telecommunications equipment

The 48 V supply system will provide the uninterrupted power supply of telecommunication equipment and protection signal transfer devices in the cabinet of secondary equipment of 110 kV feeder fields. Both power supply systems are the KONIS-B type with modular redundant rectifiers, maintenance-free battery and selective DC power distribution. The system is controlled by the KONLOG type microprocessor control unit. It manages the system in real-time and allows parameterization, local and remote insight into measurements and signalling. Communication is possible with a remote specialist service centre, which significantly contributes to reducing maintenance costs and increases the reliability and availability of the power system.