//Power supply systems for TS Straža and TS Zdenčina

Power supply systems for TS Straža and TS Zdenčina

KONČAR – INEM contracted the delivery and installation of new direct current power supply systems in TS Straža and TS Zdenčina with the Croatian Transmission System Operator at the end of August. According to the contract, the existing DC 220 V distribution equipment must be replaced with new systems that will meet the needs of the 110 kV plant, while retaining existing batteries in both transformer stations.

New systems should enable the fulfilment of high standards of the Buyer in terms of quality and reliability of uninterruptible DC voltage power supply. Special attention should be paid to achieving selectivity of circuit breakers in distribution boards in three levels. The contracted systems are KONIS-B 220 V, 40 A type with high-frequency modular rectifiers in redundant parallel connection in accordance with the n + 1 principle.

Power supply systems for TS Straža and TS Zdenčina

The contract includes the production of equipment, installation and testing at the facility and commissioning. Production of equipment was completed in record time. The inspection of the equipment quality was successfully carried out in the presence of the investor’s representatives at the test station at the end of October.

Functional testing and signalling testing will follow in the facilities after the installation of the equipment, then commissioning and testing of the distribution selectivity at the characteristic points on the II. and III. protection level of the 110-kV facility.