Reconstruction of the DC power supply system in TS Rakitje

In March 2019 the Company KONČAR – Electronics and Informatics successfully completed the final factory testing of the DC voltage supply system for the 110/20 kV transformer station Rakitje, Bestovje. The client was the Croatian Transmission System Operator (HOPS), the Transmission Area of Zagreb.

INEM TS Rakitje

The business activities included manufacturing, factory testing and delivery of three dual-power 220 VDC systems, one dual-system – 48 VDC and three AC distribution cabinets.

The 220 VDC power supply is a conventional type for transmission transformer stations KONIS-B, 220V, 40A, used for supplying the electromotor drives of high voltage and medium voltage switches, control, protection, signalization and emergency lighting. The 48 VDC type, KONIS-B, 48V, 200 A is planned for supplying telecommunication devices and local and remote signalization.

At the end of March, the factory acceptance test and the equipment delivery were performed. The assembly and commissioning of the equipment will be realized during the planned reconstruction of the 110 kV facility in TS Rakitje.