Revitalisation of uninterruptible AC and DC power supply systems in HPP Jaruga II

In January this year, KONČAR has completed another revitalization and modernization of the hydro power plant Jaruga II by commissioning of new equipment.

KONČAR – Electronics and Informatics took over the replacement of uninterruptible power supply systems with HEP Production and in a very short period, within three months, installed equipment, put it into operation increasing the reliability and availability of power supply systems and the power plant in general.

Due to the specificity of the power plant, numerous requirements in the bidding documents and short terms, a contract was a real challenge for designers. The new system of DC voltage supply 48 V is designed with modular rectifiers, two redundant and parallel connected batteries, DC distribution with a system for ground fault detecting and locating and a control unit that allows simultaneous monitoring and control of both systems, AC and DC. AC voltage supplying is designed with modular inverters, which for backup supplying use  the highly reliable batteries of DC system, thus achieving adequate long autonomous operation.

Derivation hydro power plant Jaruga II is under Skradinski Buk on the Krka River in present-day national park. It was built back in 1903 for the purposes of calcium carbide factory in Sibenik right next to second oldest hydropower plant in the world in the three-phase alternating current, and the oldest hydropower plant in Europe – Jaruga I (hydropower plant Krka).