Signed contract for renovation and replacement of common supply units in Hydro power plant Dubrovnik

KONČAR ELECTRONICS AND INFORMATICS Ltd. for production and services and HEP-PROIZVODNJA Ltd. signed in April this year a contract for the reconstruction and replacement of two power plant common supply units 1,1MW each of HPP Dubrovnik. The contract includes, among other things, the delivery of new turbines, generators, excitation system, electrical protection and all necessary auxiliary drives. The equipment delivery is planned until the end of the current year, while field work shall be completed next year.

After the 50th anniversary of the launch of Hydro power plant Dubrovnik, one of the most important components of the Croatian power system built in 1965 with a total power of 252 MW, this year came the order for replacement of common supply units whose equipment has successfully completed its life span. With this contract, KONČAR Electronics and Informatics accomplishes continuity in the realization of complex operations of power plants revitalization.