Digital Oilfield

Equipment for oil & gas pipelines and wellheads is based on our own developed electronics and algorithms with addition of proven measuring components. We provide monitoring system for the digital oil/gas field and pipeline that consist of several levels and is purpose built system. First level is made of end point devices with radios. Those devices can be pressure sensors, temperature sensors, flow computers, Multi I/O units, gas sensors … Second level is wireless network that enables end-to-end secure and reliable communication and third level is back office systems with connection to the end user supervisory and control system.


  • able to cover large areas (Receiver Sensitivity of -142dBm and Link Budget of 172dB)
  • simple as possible (meaning star topology and possibility of Accurate Propagation Planning)
  • highest network capacity
  • secure (meaning it supports NERC CIP 002-009 and NIST SP 800-53 guidelines for critical cyber assets)
  • Symmetric Key algorithms for encryption, message integrity and authentication and SSL Encryption for back-end IP infrastructure
  • operates in licence free spectrum -> 2,4GHz
  • designed for battery powered devices (low power requirements) and it is based on IEEE 802.15.4K
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