Proactively utilize the power of data.

KONČAR Meter Data Management is a powerful tool that  transform raw sensor and meter data into a clear and useful information that helps users to improve the energy management, provides savings, and thus ultimately leads to  cost reduction.

We offer a solution from collection of energy metering data, through data analysis  to the evaluation and reporting.

Cost - effectiveness

Quick ROI

Green Energy

Supports energy efficiency

Leakage Management

Reduction of non-technical losses

Data Review

Real-time monitoring

Consumption - based pricing

According to the used resources

Potential savings

Analyzed per segments, sources, etc.

For distributors and utilities

MDM software is useful for companies that have found themselves in the chaos of data and need a functional methodology that will help them to effectively manage large amounts of data, provide better quality service and reduce handling costs related to reading data.

For the end user

Software is also extremely useful for the end user who wants to cut costs, to prevent unnecessary losses and saving. Wherever you are, available real-time spending data and alarm in case of leakage.

The system is based on devices which at regular intervals collect energy consumption data and forward them to the central system using wired or wireless network. Receiving data are being validated and then evaluated by MDM software for an easy display in the report.

Data presentation

  • Per meter individual / group
  • Graphical data overview
  • Interactive graphs
  • Live data view
  • Point-in-time system state
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