New excitation system for new hydro power plant – HPP Brežice, Slovenia

During last week, KONCAR- Electronics and Informatics engineers commissioned second static excitation system type SEB 11E with excitation transformer, for the generator 2 (21.5 MVA) on HPP Brežice in Slovenia. Excitation system is implemented in the dual-channel version with bridges in 1 + 1 configuration, which provides full redundancy of the system.

 First system for the generator 1 was commissioned in January and during this year the plan is to install and commission last excitation system for generator 3.

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HPP Lunsemfwa, Zambia – commissioning of three new excitation systems and automatic synchronizations

Končar – INEM as a subcontractor of Končar – KET on revitalization of the plant HPP Lunsemfwa in Zambia put into operation three static excitation system type SKB 11 and automatic synchronizations for three generators, 6.25 MVA each.

The systems are fully adapted to the needs of the customer, which once again confirms that Končar’s flexible approach, knowledge and ability of its employees can meet all the technical requirements of end customers.

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Replacement of excitation system on TPP Zagreb, block C

After more than 40 years of successful operation, KONCAR -INEM old analog excitation system has been replaced with digital one.

On the end of last year installation and commissioning took place of new static excitation system type SEI 11E, for synchronous 150 MVA turbogenerator, for final customer HEP – Proizvodnja d.o.o. Static excitation system type SEI 11E comprises of digital voltage regulator in two channel configuration with withdrawable thyristor bridges in 1 + 1 configuration.

By using new technical and design solutions, we achieved 100% redundancy of the system. In the case of system malfunction, the stopping of generator for repairs is not required  because the same may be made while on grid.

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