Excitation system for HPP Vrhovo

KONČAR – INEM employees have participated in the supervision of installation and commissioning of generator G2 excitation system on HPP Vrhovo in Slovenia. This is the second of the three delivered excitation systems for generators with rated power output of 14.3 MVA, as part of a rehabilitation project of control systems, excitation systems and self consumption of HPP Vrhovo. The first excitation system has been successfully commissioned last year and the commissioning of the third system is planned for the end of this year. KONČAR – INEM participated in the project as a subcontractor of the company C&G d.o.o. Ljubljana.

It is important to emphasize that KONČAR’s old analogue excitation systems are being replaced by new digital systems, thus continuing a successful cooperation with the investor Savske Elektrarne Ljubljana d.o.o., as well as continuing to be present at the facilities of the lower Sava.

July 18th, 2019|

The pilot project titled “Remote meter and sensor reading – SenzoriKA”

On July 15th, Damir Mandić, Mayor of Karlovac, Mate Botica, Member of the Managing Board and Director of Transmitters and Communications Ltd. (OiV), and Zvonimir Jurin, Member of the Managing Board of KONČAR – Electronics and Informatics, have officially signed an Agreement on the implementation of the pilot project titled “Remote meter and sensor reading – SenzoriKA”.

The project will include the implementation of a “smart city” test system with data visualization for the citizens, which will allow the collection of data on the consumption of all energy sources and water, as well as information about air quality and temperature, collected waste and parking space availability.

The system is based on an integrated solution designed by OiV and KONČAR – Electronics and Informatics, which uses the OIV Smartino IoT (Lora WAN) technology for the transfer of data, and KONČAR’s MARS software for data processing and visualization.

The system enables the acquisition of data from devices produced by different manufacturers, as well as the monitoring and control via the LoRaWAN low-power radio network, which allows the use of battery-powered devices, and all data are available to the business systems of the city companies, and, if necessary, to the citizens.

Said technology covers a wide range of applications, including water meters, gas meters, electricity meters, management and control of public lighting, air quality sensors, parking lot occupancy, sensors for monitoring water levels, temperature, humidity, and water quality sensors, and GPS tracking. In addition, it allows the integration of other technologies and the existing terminals into the LoRaWAN ecosystem.

July 17th, 2019|

Uninterruptible power supply systems for Hydroelectric power plant Đale

The company KONČAR – Electronics and Informatics Inc. (INEM) has successfully produced and completed the final factory testing of uninterruptible power supply systems for Hydroelectric power plant Đale as part of the project contracted with HEP Proizvodnja by KONČAR – Power Plant and Electric Traction Engineering Inc..

There are six uninterruptible power systems, one of which is a double redundant system ± 220 VDC each with three modular thyristor rectifiers of the type LH 220V, 50 A and its own central microprocessor control unit. One system of ± 48 VDC will be connected to a system ± 220 VDC via a DC / DC converter, and one double redundant system -48 VDC each with three modular VF rectifiers of type BFS 48 V, 50 A, as well as three AC uninterruptible power systems for supply of all ICT equipment for process and business activities.

Due to replacing the uninterruptible power supply system, the functionality, safety and availability of new control, signalling, protection, measurement, regulation, emergency lighting, IT and telecommunications equipment will be improved, whereby their replacement was foreseen upon completion of the reconstruction of all power supply systems.

May 20th, 2019|