Static frequency converter KONvert

The compact solution for the secure transmission of produced energy

KONvert static frequency converter is a device developed for the direct transfer of energy produced by wind turbine using hardware power electronics. Universal, robust design and reliable operation, are the features of this modern products that can be applied in addition to a frequency converter for the wind turbine, to transfer energy on small hydro power plants, reversible (storage) hydropower plants, as well as a device for dynamic reactive power compensation applicable in the industry.

High power in a small volume

The use of liquid cooling

Low maintenance costs

No rotating parts

FRT compatible

Adapted for work with the strict network rules

Electricity production from wind, water and reactive power compensation in the industry

The possibility of exploitation of a wide range of wind speed (up to 15%) and a small mechanical losses.

The production of electricity from small hydropower plants

Reliable operation and low cost maintenance.

Technical data:

Electrical specifications Features and options
Continuous power rating  250…1800kW Torque reference Internal or external
Nominal AC voltage  400…690V Interfaces  Modbus, Profibus DP, CAN, Ethernet, IEC 61870 -104, DNP 3.0
Nominal DC-link voltage  (900)1050 V Flying start  Yes
Nominal frequency on grid side  50 / 60 Hz Grid synchronization  Automatic
Power factor  cos φ 1…0,85 ind / cap Reactive power compensation  Cos φ or on demand
Switching frequency; generator side / grid side  1,5 … 3 kHz / 3,6 kHz  Protections  > 50 protection functions
Power quality
(IEC 61400-21, IEC 61000-3-6)
 THD < 4%
 E.on compatible  Da
 Operational efficiency  > 97%
General Specifications
Ambient temperature -25°C (no frost) … +50°C; (+70°C, derating)
Cooling liquid
Protection class IP21. IP54
Dimensions (HxWxD) 2200x2800x600 mm
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