Its commitment to sustainable development, environmental awareness and the use of renewable energy sources KONČAR INEM is proving with numerous development activities that result in a range of products and services applicable in the field of renewable energy.

Our most important areas are the production of electricity using wind power and water power in small hydro power plants.

For small hydro projects we offer a full range of products in the field of management, regulation and supervision of such facilities.

In addition, our team of experts will offer you a complete solution to water-to-wire, which includes:

  • Analysis of the hydro potential
  • Feasibility studies with budget production
  • The definition and selection of equipment
  • Optimization
  • Development of preliminary, main and executive projects
  • Construction of facilities and delivery of complete equipment including the connection to the network

Our customers are our partner’s, and so we offer consulting services and assistance in obtaining various approvals, permits and opinions and participate in the project through the entire administrative procedure.

This is proven and its references, so that, now of 4 small hydroelectric power plants in the Republic of Croatia with the status of eligible electricity producer we are engaged in 3 projects.

In the area of electricity generation using wind power, we developed a static frequency converter which converts variable frequency voltage produced at the wind turbine, into electrical energy with constant voltage and frequency.

Using our many years of knowledge in the field of power electronics, with this product we are sided alongside the few renowned international manufacturers that in the production program have something like this

Converters control algorithms have been adapted for synchronous and asynchronous machine, but also for a machine with permanent magnets (PMG).

This device can be applied in the field of small hydro, pumped-storage hydro power plants and industry.