Power supply system KONIS-P

DC power supply

DC power supply system, type KONIS-P is designed for uninterruptible power supply of important energy facilities, such as hydro power plants, thermal power plants, transmission and distribution substations.

  • maximum reliability of supply

  • redundant parallel operation of the rectifier
  • modular construction – easy maintenance and servicing
  • selective disconnection of faulty rectifiers
  • simple and intuitive overview of measurement, system status signals and chronological list of events
  • monitoring the insulation and detection of earth faults
  • wide adaptation possibilities to every facility

The DC power supply system type KONIS-P is designed for uninterruptible power supply of specific DC loads whose reliable operation is of particular importance. The system provides automatic charging and maintenance of the connected batteries, and simultaneous supply of loads.

Rectifier modules operate in a redundant parallel operation with equal distribution of load current. In case of possible rectifier failure the faulty rectifier module selectively switches off, while others continue to supply the loads and the battery. The principle of redundant output power gives the maximum reliability of supplying. By adding a parallel rectifier modules it is possible to increase the output power. The modularity of the construction enables simple replacement and installation of rectifiers, which is a prerequisite for fast and efficient servicing. Rectifiers are cooled by forced air ventilation with a temperature dependent regulation of the fan. Small size modules enable the efficient utilization of the volume of the rectifier cabinet.
Distribution board is produced with special DC circuit breakers, designed so as to ensure mutual selectivity in all outgoing feeders and in all operating conditions. The cabinet can be made with or without door. Version with direct access to all circuit breakers enables a swift status check and quick manipulation.
The battery is a key component of reliability and availability of power supply. The system KONIS-P provides a constant battery charge and its recharging with precise DC voltage without ripple.
The operation of the power supply system is controlled by a microprocessor control unit, type KONLOG. It manages the system in real time and enables parameter setting, local and remote insight into measurements and signaling. Communication with the station computer, dispatch center and specialized service center is possible, which greatly contributes to reducing maintenance costs and to additional increasing of the reliability and availability of the entire power supply system.
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