Power supply systems

Uninterruptible power supply systems are designed to supply particularly important or specific devices with appropriate quality of DC or AC voltage.

Reliability of KONČAR power supply systems has been further increased thanks to many years of experience in solving specific problems of supplying different loads and facilities, from the simplest to the most complex substations, from the smallest hydro power plants to the largest thermal power plants.

Integrated power supply system is completely designed, produced and tested as a single unity, which is the highest guarantee of quality and reliability. Even the components of the highest quality do not provide a quality system.

Uninterruptibility is achieved by active usage of reliable, always available backup energy source. A rechargeable battery proved to be the most appropriate. In case of failure or improper network voltage deviation, the battery takes over the power supply of connected devices.

In order to ensure very high reliability and availability, some vital parts or even complete systems are connected in parallel redundant operation. Microprocessor local and remote monitoring and control enables significant increase in reliability and availability. Communication with the service center provides timely and quality service intervention, even before the occurrence of the fault.

Systems of DC uninterruptible power supply are an important part of the power facilities because they ensure the highest possible level of the reliability of supply. In part, this is the result of applied concept by which the critical loads are directly supported by a battery voltage as opposed to AC uninterruptable power supply, where the battery voltage is converted by a complex power electronic device (inverter).
An increasing number of diverse devices that are not allowed to be directly connected to the network, as they will not function properly or damage may occur that as a result can have large direct and even larger indirect damages. In addition, the voltage stabilization is often necessary, otherwise the voltage would vary within too broad limits. However, the most common problem are interruptions in the power supply. They can last for a very short period of time, without any influence at ordinary load, and they can last for hours.
In all cases it is essential to ensure uninterruptible power supply.