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Security first

Reliable information system security makes it a prerequisite for the success of any company or organization. To achieve this, it is necessary to act at several levels, and continuously improve security to prevent unauthorized access to information. In order to satisfy all your ICT security requirements, continuous monitor and upgrade the security solutions implemented through the design, construction and maintenance of security systems in accordance with the specific needs of clients is a need.

Apart from the implementation of various safety systems (anti-x protection, multiple authentication, …), for effective security, it is necessary to raise the awareness of all users and through education (in order to identify potential risks that may occur own thoughtless actions).

Anti - x protection

SPAM, Virus



Data Loss Prevention


Acces Control


For medium and large companies all verticals

Simple and high-quality solutions are designed for all companies, regardless of the field of industry who want a reliable, secure ICT infrastructure that simultaneously follows ICT trends and standards in order to be able to smoothly and successfully operate.

Over 10,000 computers and servers across Croatia are covered by our security solution for the complete IT environment. This includes delivery of licenses, implementation of security solutions and preventive and corrective solutions maintenance.


We implement a comprehensive solution of one of the leading manufacturers of F-Secure for over 10 years. The solution is adaptable to companies of all sizes.
There is no computer network without a firewall today. We protect Customer’s local networks with Next Generation firewalls from different manufacturers (Cisco, Dell SonicWALL and Checkpoint).
Confidential information (various documents and reports) can reach people who are not supposed to reach them if there is no proper way of access control and if the use of sensitive data is not monitored. We offer complete solutions for protection against data leakage (“DLP” – Data Loss Prevention).
Implement solutions that provide answers to the following questions:
Who has access to what?
Who accessed the document and when?
We implement solutions for storage and use of digital certificates on a USB token, as a replacement for smart card solutions.

Solutions include the adjustment of token administration application in order to work with the existing CMS solution.

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