ICT Infrastructure

Using the latest technology, meeting the highest business standards we provide innovative solutions for ICT. Qualified and certified employees guarantee successful projects. Our solutions have concrete objectives and intent as they are developed in accordance to the users’ needs and requirements.

We meet client’s needs with the best  service combination in order to achieve full potential of existing or new infrastructure. Security, reliability, and cost effectiveness are main characteristics of our solutions.

Our goal is to provide high-quality solution that will enable client to focus on its primary business and ways how to do it better.

ICT services

KONČAR enterprise applications are characterized by functionality and simplicity. They increase productivity, facilitate the achievement of business goals, save time, and therefore make the business more profitable.

Security Systems

Information system security is inevitable. To achieve security, it is important to act on several levels: the implementation of various security systems, data protection, but also work on users’ education.

Data Storage and Backup 

Storing business data, data protection from unwanted deletion, loss or damage data with uninterrupted availability – requires a functional modern data storage.


Using of licensed software ensures safe operation and  risks avoidance which can arise while using a pirated version.

Computer Networks

For quality communication and successful business, it is important to find an optimal solution while maintaining the basic criteria for maximum network performance: scalability, simplicity, reliability and stability.


Main focus of our business is maintaining partnership. They allow us greater insight into products, better support, and therefore, we are able to provide you with effective solutions.