Smart Metering

Cost reduction is an important part of any business, and considering rising energy prices, only smart energy management can make it possible. Government also pushes those saving through the legal obligations that companies have today.

Our primary goal is to help our customers increase their savings with less investments. Your satisfaction – is our greatest reward.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Accurate information on the energy consumption is a smart basis for energy savings. Increase your productivity and get fast return on investment using KONČAR AMI.


From business applications to complex solutions for measuring data, our applications bring the freshness of advanced technologies for your business.

Power Measurements

Various devices based on modern microprocessors and state of the art technology. Apart from our own production program, when requested by user, we are able to offer solutions that include  equipment produced by our partners.

Process Monitoring

Advanced monitoring systems that help in gathering information about your processes, optimize them for best performance and ultimately provide an advantage in an increasingly demanding market.