Process control

Our experience in the monitoring of different process parameters ranges of pressure, temperature or management of the entire pumping stations (in explosive environment) to the monitoring of energy consumption, the liquid level, ultrasonic measurements, flow metering, etc. is a guarantee of your success. We provides a range of solutions that will quickly adapt to your unique needs. We have successfully deployed solutions for oil companies, monitoring of the power quality, industrial production facilities, water supply and drainage systems and different utility companies. From production to consumption of heat and electricity to losses reduction in the most complex processes, our systems can easily find their place due to uncompromising quality and competitive price.

Process Monitoring KONWPT

Process optimisation

In almost real time.

Loss reduction

Anomalies detection.

Just in time diagnostics

Shortened response times.

Excellent network coverage

Lower CAPEX.

For explosive environments

Devices in the anti-explosive performance.

Highest quality services

Satisfied users

Why choose KONČAR solutions?

  • Minimum costs by using long-range radio, existing GPRS or Ethernet network
  • Interoperability – reading measuring equipment from other manufacturers
  • Integration with other infroamtion systems
  • Web hosting possibility
  • Automatic generation and delivery of customized reports and alarms
  • Minimal CAPEX and OPEX costs
  • Made in EU


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Apply advanced measurement immediately, enjoy the return on investment forever.

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