From equipment for thermal and hydro power plants, for renewables, over equipment for transformer stations to smart grid solutions. Beside equipment for electrical energy we also provide solutions for digital oilfield.

Traction Systems

We design, produce and maintain a wide variety of traction converters for electric and diesel-electric multiple units, electric and diesel-electric locomotives, tramways, passenger coaches and substations.


According to customer’s needs we develop and adapt different solutions. Our teams are competent and ready to suggest and provide best fitted solutions.

About us

We are part of KONČAR group, the leading regional manufacturer of electronics equipment and electric energy facilities. We specialize in the area of Energy and Transportation.

Our Production program includes converters and control systems for railway vehicles, DC and AC UPS, static excitation systems for synchronous machines, ripple control systems, protection relays, electric measurements devices and systems, process informatics, devices and systems. Our main activities are development, engineering and projecting, production, testing, commissioning and maintenance of industrial electronics devices and systems.


Our employees are our greatest value. We welcome all employees ideas and opinions and foster a culture of creativity, collaboration and innovation.


We recognise our client’s needs. Our products usually speak for itself. However, if you just have to have a little more, we are ready to fulfill specific requirements.


We are continuously adopting leading standards and improving our productions in order to provide highest possible quality products to the market.

Social Responsibility

It’s very simple for us, we work according UN Global Compact ethical principles. We try to create a positive impact on society while doing business.