KONpro 2

Development of a new generation of numeric protection devices

KONpro 2: Development of a new generation of numeric protection devices

Duration of the project: 2.4.2018 – 2.4.2022.
Fund: European Regional Development Fund
Call: „Boosting Development of New Products and Services Arising from Research and Development Activities“, Minister of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts, Croatia
Project leader: KONČAR – ELECTRONICS AND INFORMATICS Ltd. for production and services (INEM)
Partner: University of Zagreb, FER – Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
Total budget of the project (HRK): 16.288.641,85
Awarded grant (HRK): 8.114.782,78
Contact: bbrkljac@koncar-inem.hr 
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Relay protection systems are a part of the secondary equipment of the power system and their basic function is to disable defective parts of the power system. Through their function, they protect the primary equipment so that there is no damage to or long-term interruptions in the power supply. Furthermore, they protect people near the fault location and allow uninterrupted power supply in the rest of the network.

The project is a part of the overall development of a new platform of advanced microprocessor embedded systems for regulation, protection and control of power systems. The new platform would be based on distributed modular functions (hardware and software) that would be connected to the entire advanced system. The technical-economic justification of the project is increased because other similar devices for regulating and control of the processes in the power system can later be implemented as derivatives on the same platform.

The project should contribute to the continuity of product competitiveness and ensure sales growth on both the domestic and global markets. The project also includes the intellectual property protection through the registration of trademarks and design of a new product. KONČAR – INEM expects to increase its market share in this business segment and revenue from the sale of a new product through the realization of this project.

The aim of the project is development and production of a new protection, measurement and control system for application in power plants.
The system would use new functionalities, enhance and consolidate existing ones, and significantly expand the scope of application.

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