Our Mission

KONČAR  Inem is the leading regional manufacturer of power electronics, protection, measurement and ripple control systems and devices for equipping complex plants in energetic, industry and transport, and one of the more significant Croatian suppliers of ICT equipment and business information systems.

We have been recognized as a company which fulfils the demands of its customers in the field of engineering, production and delivery of top-notch products with unconditional technical, service and other support.

We will fulfill our mission through the mutual satisfaction of the needs and expectations of our customers and employees.

The Company depends on its customers and therefore we strive to deliver solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Treating all employees with dignity and respect will be complemented by evaluating personal qualities, contribution and success to jointly produce new values in the company.
We are committed to build an inclusive workplace and offer an attractive work environment. Commitment to constant improvements we continually seeking out opportunities for better involvement and efficacious team work among all employees.
Culture of responsibility is a cornerstone of all our activities and decision. In the implementation of our products we accept our responsibility towards each other, to the community and the environment.