Development of the tramway propulsion converter with supercapacitor module

KONTARC GP170DC_SK: Development of the tramway propulsion converter with supercapacitor module

Duration of the project: 02.11.2018. – 02.11.2021.
Fund: European Regional Development Fund
Call: „Boosting Development of New Products and Services Arising from Research and Development Activities“, Minister of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts, Croatia
Project leader: KONČAR – ELECTRONICS AND INFORMATICS Ltd. for production and services (INEM)
Partner: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER)
Total budget of the project (HRK): 16.700.900,99
Awarded grant (HRK): : 6.528.270,54
Contact:  dkruselj@koncar-inem.hr
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The aim of the project is mastering the development and innovation of high value-added equipment by which the energy efficiency of existing solutions in the field of transport systems is being increased. Electric rail vehicles have an important role in the development of the urban regions due to their energy efficiency, environment influence and capacity for the passengers and freight transport. In order to retain these advantages, electric rail vehicles should be further developed and improved, mainly with the implementation of the new technologies and innovative solutions. An increase of the energy efficiency could be achieved with a braking energy storage unit and its subsequent use for the vehicle starting and partial catenary-free autonomous drive.
The obtained results of the project will be used for later commercial application thanks to the main realised project goals: developed the main propulsion drive converter for tramway with a braking energy storage unit for the vehicle and its subsequent use, developed the energy storage unit with built-in system for uniform voltage cell distribution, developed and implemented the algorithms of controlling charging and discharging cycles of energy storage units that will increase energy efficiency and ensure the maximum lifetime of the energy storage units and technical documentation for the serial production of the main propulsion drive converters for tramway drive and the energy storage units. The project envisages registration of a trademark, industrial design and a patent.

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