Ripple Control Systems

Devices of the INEMATIC 300 system are designed for the network ripple control with symmetrical parallel injecting of the control signal into a medium voltage network.

The scope of application of the ripple control system in the cost management depends on inputs of energy consumption based on which the commands for daily user program are created. Transmission of information from a central point to all points of the electricity network is through its active lines.

Centralized management

Management transmitting facilities from the main control center (MCC), located in the dispatch center. The ability to send messages from the SCADA system.

Distributed intelligence

In hierarchically structured systems increases reliability in order to perform control functions at the lower level in the event of failure of certain parts.

Modular design

Different structural incorporating of equipment depending on the area: discrete design, integrated design, compact design.

For electricity distributors

The system also enables ripple control centralized management of loads in the electricity network (meters, public lighting, …) using the power network itself as a medium for the transmission of the message.

The purpose of the system

General functions:

  • switching tariffs
  • public, advertising and security lighting and lighting facilities

Load management:

  • storage heaters
  • air conditioners
  • electric water heaters
  • heat pump station

Special features:

  • switching tariffs
  • public, advertising, security lighting and lighting of buildings
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