Power electronics devices manufactured at KONČAR – Electronics and Informatics, Ltd., are the synonym for industrial electronics of the KONČAR group. Their superior quality is based on many years of experience and application of modern tools in construction, manufacturing and testing.

Functionality and aesthetics, as well as setting the bar when it comes to quality assurance, make our products distinguished among others.

Optimum technical solutions are ensured, with minimum manufacturing costs, thanks to:

  • Permanent following of literature, legislative and organisation directives, as well as technical instructions for each individual area of operation and application.
  • Cooperation with designers and expert teams of the buyer, initiated with a solution proposal, and continued throughout the entire exploitation period.
Our modules and electronic devices are manufactured following the principle “from an idea to the product”. During the research and development phase, we apply the knowledge and experience in engineering and construction we have accumulated over more than 40 years, as well as the latest tools and software support.

Our solutions are formed from the level of printed boards (up to 12 layers with complex construction capability), to the exterior of the device, by elaboration of the idea throughout these phases: engineering and development, construction of modules and devices, construction of printed plates, product documentation writing, preparation of manufacturing and technology.

The electronic modules are manufactured using surface mount technology (SMD, including the montage of BGA components), classical thru-hole and mixed mounting on both sides of the printed plate.

The components are prepared and embedded manually and by the use of machine, on the automated component placing machinery.

After embedding the SMD components, they are soldered in a reflow furnace with four zones. After embedding the thru-hole components, they are machine-soldered on a soldering machine with three pre-heating zones and a double soldering wave.

Once the modules are manufactured, they are cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaning device and varnished with a protective layer.

The manufacturing capacity is 20.000 modules and 500 devices per year.

All embedded components pass through strict entry control and each product is tested during manufacturing phase and once more prior to delivery. Therefore, the first-pass percentage is very high.

Transformers and chokes are engineered and manufactured in accordance with preset conditions, while taking into consideration all relevant regulations.

Our workshop is equipped with a vacuum-pressure impregnation unit, with a yearly capacity of 15.000 small units (starting with but a few VA), up to 200 large units.

The manufacturing programme consists of the following component types:

  • Ferrite-core components
  • Air inductors
  • Impulse transformers
  • Energy transformers up to 6 kV and 200 kVA
  • Power, current, measurement and protection transformers
  • Magnetic components for railway vehicles and vessel equipment
  • Magnetic components for power electronics circuits
Mechanical parts are constructed and designed to meet customer demands, all relevant regulations and high aesthetic criteria, taking into great consideration their durability.

While manufacturing parts and systems, following complex procedures are applied:

  • Refinement of various sheet metal surfaces, with thickness from 0,5 to 5 millimetres by cutting, punching and bending on CNC and NC machines
  • Manufacturing of complex parts and welded constructions of high precision, using tubing, profiles and sheets, with point or capacitor welding, as well as MIG-MAG, TIG and REL methods
  • Front plate and cooling unit workup using CNC machining systems, manufacturing of Cu busbars, refinement of insulation materials
  • Classical machine processing by turning, milling and abrasion
  • Etching on a CNC and classical etching machine
  • High-quality anticorrosive protection via die-cast paint (high level of technical and chemical preparation, lacquering in a water-protected booth, drying in an electric furnace)
The manufacturing of power electronics devices is performed in the assembly workshop, specially and fully prepared and staffed for those tasks.

Greatest individual power 5000 kVA, weight up to 4 tonnes.

Yearly capacity: 2000 smaller units, power up to 20 kVA, 1000 larger units, various enclosures and boards.

All components are carefully tested, before they are built in. Electronic components, circuits and devices, mechanical structural parts and magnetic components pass through various in process controls, and each product is finally tested before delivering to the customer. All testing procedures are carried out according to ISO 9001 standards.

Quality control is equipped with respective measurement and testing equipment, covering relevant ISO and EN type and routine tests on power electronic devices. Our test activities are:testing of electronic components, testing of mechanical components, testing of electronic circuits and devices, climate testing, high voltage and transient voltage testing and measurement equipment calibration.

Final tests of power electronic devices managed by:

  • Motor -generator groups of up to 130 kW
  • Three-phase induction regulator supplies (variable transformers) up to 750 V / 200 A
  • Three-phase transformers for current load testing up to 700 V / 5000 A
  • Adjustable DC power supplies up to 1200 V / 200 A
  • Variable resistor and inductive loads up to 120 kW
  • High voltage devices up to 20kV