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Static excitation system for large generators

The robust and flexible modular design.

The static excitation system is based on a robust modular design, engineered and designed to meet all modes of operation of large synchronous generators. The system is characterized by high accuracy, reliability and speed.

The main characteristics of this system are: dual-channel redundant configuration, automatic voltage regulator, adjustable PID type, excitation current regulator, higher-level control functions (the reactive and active compensation by current generator, the Power Factor Controller / cos (φ) regulator, embedded power system stabilizer (PSS) ), integrated limiter functions, logic and sequence control, the possibility of extending the digital and analog inputs and outputs.

Equipment is fully adapted to all operating modes of generator excitation regulation system, protection and communication, according to all important communications protocols.

The modular design of the regulator

The robust and flexible system

User-friendly interface

Easy to use

The possibility of implementing additional functions

Without the need for additional circuitry

Electricity production

The ideal solution for hydropower plants and thermal power plants.

Control of the excitation system is based on the KONČAR’s microprocessor system for the control and regulation of electrical machines adapted for the static excitation systems. The system is built around powerful, programmable central processing unit (CPU) that enable the real time execution of the complex control and regulation tasks together with the high speed, accuracy and reliability.

The firmware solution includes:

  • Generator voltage regulator
  • Limiters
    ⇒ Under excitation limiter
    ⇒ Maximum field current limiter
    ⇒ Maximum field current limiter
  • Compensation
    ⇒ Frequency
    ⇒ Compensation per generator current
  • Field current regulator
  • Automatic follow-up
  • Logical and sequential control
  • Communication
  • Monitoring and self-diagnosis
  • Q regulator
  • Cos φ regulator


  • PSS – Power system stabilizer
  • Reduction of shaft voltage
  • Assembly for reduction of shaft voltage

Thyristor converter:

The range of thyristor converters which meets all kinds of generators:

  • Forced cooled to 1000A
  • Forced cooled to 2500A
  • Forced cooled to 5800A
Static excitation for TPP
Static excitation for HPP
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