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Static excitation systems for medium generators and motors

Powerful compact solution for medium generators and motors.

Static excitation system with KONreg digital voltage regulator was built around powerful, programmable processor unit, which allows the execution of regulation and control in real time, with fast response, high accuracy and reliability.

The system is designed so that it can be completely customized to customer requirements, both for new facilities / projects and for reconstruction of the existing ones.

The system consists of excitation transformer, digital voltage regulator in a single channel version (dual-channel version is available on request), thyristor converter (1 + 1 or n + 1 configuration-on request),de-excitation circuit (DC or AC), overvoltage protection, and field flashing (from DC or AC power source). Also, at the request of the customer, within our system we can supply equipment for the electrical braking.

Powerful and compact solution

Adaptable system to meet all customer and plant requirements

User-friendly interface

Easy setup, commissioning and use of system

Flexible system

System which is full adopted to meet all customer and plant requirements

Electricity production

The ideal solution for hydropower plants.

The static excitation system with KONreg digital voltage regulator system is fully developed according to the latest industry standards. Equipment is fully adapted to all operating modes of generator excitation regulation system, protection and communication, according to all important communications protocols.

The firmware solution includes:

  • Generator voltage regulator
  • Limiters
    ⇒ Under excitation limiter
    ⇒ Maximum field current limiter
    ⇒ Maximum field current limiter
  • Compensation
    ⇒ Frequency
    ⇒ Compensation per generator current
  • Field current regulator
  • Automatic follow-up
  • Logical and sequential control
  • Communication
  • Monitoring and self-diagnosis


  • PSS – Power system stabilizer
  • Q regulator
  • Cos φ regulator

Thyristor converter:

The range of thyristor converters which meets all kinds of generators:

  • Naturally cooled to 600A
  • Forced cooled to 1000A
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