Equipment for small hydropower plants

The solution from water down to the wire.

Equipment and solutions we offer are custom design and installation of equipment according to the individual customer’s needs, with the highest degree of operational safety and efficiency, environmentally friendly, high-performance, reliability and quality, long life and flexibility.

We offer, in the early stages of the project, feasibility studies,  the initial calculation of hydrology and annual production.

We consider our customers as partners in the project and we offer the service of preliminary, main and detailed design, assistance in obtaining various approvals and permits.

Our expert team is involved in all phases of the project and provides investors optimal technical solutions and support to our mutual satisfaction, which is confirmed by successfully realized projects of building SHPP in the country and in the region which are connected to the distribution network as a renewable source of electricity.


Optimal solutions which are adapted to each location and the watercourse on the idea to the first kWh

Techno-economic analysis

For a safe and quick return on investment

Electricity production

We recognize hydropower as the most traditional, environmentally-friendly and renewable energy source.

Having available the following ingredients: our almost century-old tradition in the production of electricity, environmental awareness, focus on sustainable business, commitment to social responsibility, technologically sophisticated products, our team of experts will adapt the recipe to each specific project and every investor in particular. Taking these facts into account and the result cannot be anything but a successful project and a satisfied client. Check it out!

Delivery options:

  • Synchronous and asynchronous
  • Vertical and horizontal axis up to 5 MVA
  • Open and closed cooling
  • Roller bearing and coupling sleeve
  • Three-phase star connection to the valve stator and rotor coil with dc excitation winding and winding absorbing
  • Depending on requirements, the generator can be configured as PMG
  • JOINT JIB type
    ⇒ robust maschine, very quiet operation
  • TELESCOPE (telestopic type) ⇒ for small suction, very quiet operation
  • CHAIN (chain) type
    ⇒ cost-effective solution
  • A full range of Kaplan, Francis and Pelton turbines ranging from 50 kW to 5MW
  • Digital turbine controller
  • Voltage and power regulator
  • Reactive power controller
  • Synchronization
  • Digital protection system
  • Power supply batteries, UPS units
  • HMI, alarm signals and telephone alerts
  • Data logger and operation recorder
  • Visualization and remote control
  • Automatic control of the trash rack cleaner
  • the SCADA system for maximum functionality and user-friendly user interface
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