Trackside converter for dynamic reactive power compensation


KONTRAC PN225AC is a trackside converter which is used for dynamic reactive power compensation. It is used in substation facilities 110kV/25kV in which devices for fixed reactive power compensation have already been installed. The converter compensates variable amount of reactive power which can fluctuate considerably during a given time period. The range of compensated reactive power of each converter is from 225kVAr capacitive to 225kVAr inductive. If a higher range of compensated reactive power is needed, it can be accomplished by parallel connection of several converters. The input stage of the converter is made of robust components dimensioned for rolling stock converter applications which makes this converter KONTRAC PN225AC resistant to spikes, sags and surges that are likely to appear in overhead lines.

The use of this proven and reliable technical solution enables significant reduce of excessive reactive power and associated costs, thus making it a perfect solution for sustainable development.

Pretvarač za dinamičku kompenzaciju jalove snage


Pretvarač za dinamičku kompenzaciju jalove snage

Two converters KONTRAC PN225AC will be installed in Mrzlo polje, Croatia.

  • Rolling stock converter technology
  • Robust input stage of converter
  • Current and voltage on high-voltage side are in phase
  • Line friendly
  • Latest IGBT technology
  • Easy maintenance
  • Modular design of power units
  • Air cooling

Technical data

Input voltage 400V, 50Hz over transformer 25kV / 400V
Minimum input voltage 280V (equivalent to 17,5kV of overhead line voltage)
Maximum input voltage 480V (equivalent to 29kV of overhead line voltage)
Nominal power ± 225 kVAr
Cooling Forced air-cooling
Size 1200 x 800 x 2100 mm
Weight 700 kg
Mounting place Substation
Connecting interface CAN / Ethernet
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