Reconstruction of power supply system

Over time the power supply system in operation experiences, in addition to wearing and aging, usually a number of changes for the sake of the necessity to adapt to changes of power supplied facility. In this way, both qualitatively and essentially the real system ceases to be in conformity with its original design, that is to its legitimate state. Reliability of power supply, and often the energy facility itself, is called into question. Danger threatens not only the possible lack of tripping of protective devices in the plant, but it is possible that breakdowns within the system itself occur, ie. due to the inability to break short-circuit.

In these situations, the way out is in the reconstruction or complete replacement of the power supply system. In both cases, the work must begin with revision of the technical design or completely new power supply design.

KONČAR INEM has respectable references of such reconstructions (TPP Plomin, TPP Sisak, TPP Rijeka, TPP TE-TO Zagreb, HPP Velebit, SS 400/110 kV Tumbri, SS 220/110/35 kV Međurić etc.) that are realized based on the high quality design in an optimal manner, ensuring maximum operational availability of the facility during the reconstruction.

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