KONreg SHP 100

Compact governing control system.

KONČAR’s control system KONreg SHP 100 is all-in-one solution for full automatization of sHPP. Control, turbine governing, voltage regulation, synchronization, autonomous supply, protection and connection to network are just part of KONreg SHP1000 possibilities.

An intuitive user interface ensures ease of use, manipulation and control of all the functions required for the safe and optimal operation of sHPP.

Turbine governing

Conforms to all types of turbines, Kaplan, Francis, Pelton and crossflow

Digital voltage regulator and protection

Easy implementation, parameter setting and monitoring

A superordinate regulation by level

Real time monitoring, measuring and diagnostics

SCADA system

User-friendly interface

Electricity production from SHPP

The system for complete automation SHPP

Many years of experience and tradition on the field of regulation and governance processes in production of electricity was a result of developing new KONreg platform which we perfected on the existing all-in-one KONreg system.

Basic control and monitoring of SHPP comprises of following:

  • Turbine governing
  • Automatic voltage regulation & protection
  • An auxiliary drive control
  • Autonomous power supply
  • Direct grid connection
  • Water-level control
  • SCADA system

Additional features:

  • Automatic start and stop sequences
  • Digital protection system
  • Power supply batteries, UPS units
  • HMI, alarm signals and telephone alerts
  • Data logger and operation recorder
  • Visualization and remote control
  • Automatic control of the trash rack cleaner
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