Propulsion converter for electric multiple unit


KONTRAC GP550AC converts the power from transformer outputs of AC network into propulsion power for the traction motors. It has sinusoidal input current in phase with voltage and with low harmonic content. During braking, the converter feeds back energy to the network. All control, protective, communication and monitoring functions are implemented in one control electronics inside the converter.


  • Regenerative braking capability
  • Modular design of power units
  • High energy efficiency
  • Machine room mounting
  • Easy maintenance
  • Line friendly
  • Motor friendly
  • Latest IGBT technology
  • Liquid cooling system

Basic tehnical data

Input voltage 2 x 800 V, 50 Hz
Propulsion output 550 kW
Cooling Liquid cooled
Size 1350 x 840 x1900 mm
Weight 849 kg
Mounting position Machine Room
Connecting interface CAN / MVB / Ethernet
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