Public lighting regulators RRG

Better efficiency at less energy.

Public lighting is one of the major electricity consumers, whose share is about 3% of total consumption. Unnecessary and excessive illumination can be prevented by the targeted reduction in the intensity of the lighting depending on the time of night and / or location.

KONČAR RRG regulators are used for new or existing public lighting, and provide a consistent and effective energy savings – from 30% to over 40% per year.


Fast return on investment


Stimulates energy efficiency

Noninvasive regulation

Does not affect the power grid

Potential savings

Adjusting the intensity according to the needs

For local government

RRG regulators are useful for the local government that wants to reduce energy costs while they are also boosting energy efficiency that encourages local development and pushing towards the status of “city of sustainable energy”.

Example of ramp times and regulation of luminous flux for public lighting

19:30h – engaging of public lighting, 100% luminous flux

22:00h – engaging of public lighting, 75% luminous flux

24:00h – engaging of public lighting, 50% luminous flux

7:00h – shut down of public lighting

In the illustrated example energy savings are over 34%.



The controller can operate as autonomous devices with a pre-programmed time of lowered voltage or as devices that are remotely controlled.

Ripple control system is used to control various devices through the electrical network. The transmitter imprints coded signal (telegram) in the electric power grid that acts as a transfer media, and installed ripple control receivers on the distribution voltage of 0.4 kV receive and decode the telegram and carry out the transmitted message


  • uses the existing electrical grid as a transmission medium
  • does not require setting up a new control installations
  • enables group or individual control of public lighting
  • transmission of information through electrical network is free of charge
  • useful information is present at every point of public lighting
The device uses the same solution and the only difference is that the time set changes of the intensity of lighting is derived from the electronic programmable circuit (PLC).

It is suitable for completely independent and autonomous adjustment of the time control with the appropriate measurement of electrical values. Setting and measurement can be carried out manually via the integrated keypad with display, via a computer or by wireless (ripple control signal, GSM, GPRS, …)..

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