Water pressure transmitters for Sint Maarten Water Utility

The Caribbean paradise, island of Sint Maarten is a beautiful destination to visit. However, it doesn’t have sufficient natural drinking water resources to meet all the needs. Tasked with providing water for a population which more than quadruples with tourists throughout the year, the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten uses desalination facilities as their primary source for this precious natural resource. In order to efficiently manage water pipelines and water distribution system in generally, Sint Maarten Water Utility company, NV G.E.B.E. is developing advanced water pipeline pressure remote monitoring system.

We are proud to be part of this project and to provide water pressure transmitters able to monitor pipeline and water tank pressure, and wirelessly transmit necessary field information to utility operations centre. Our pressure transmitters are low power, battery operated devices, using RPMA network which has been already installed all over the island. Easy to install, maintenance free and with long battery lifetime, KONWPT pressure transmitters enable real time remote monitoring of Sint Maarten water infrastructure which helps utility company to manage its system any eventually provide water efficiently to all of Sint Maarten residents and guests as affordable resource.

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