KONPRO Protection Relays in new transformer station Imotski – the key power supply node

New Transformer station Imotski is part of capital investment of HEP DSO in the area of Elektrodalmacija Split. TS 110/20(10) kV Imotski has been built as a replacement for old TS 35/10 kV Imotski Konjevode (2 x 8 MVA built back in 1957.). As power consumption in this area has significantly grow in last decade and expected demand is even bigger, new Transformer station was necessity. This new Transformer station will increase network capacity, power supply reliability and electric energy quality in the Imotski region.


For Transformer station TS 110/20(10)kV Imotski [20(10)kV part)] and TS 35/20(10)kV Konjevode, KONČAR INEM delivered protection relays series KONPRO including feeder terminals, transformer protection, capacitor bank protection and protection of all other medium voltage bays. KONPRO relays RFX, RFD and RFC models have been deployed, 31 in total.

Main contractor was our sister company KONČAR – KET, while KONČAR – INEM beside protection relays delivery, also conducted relays settings, secondary and primary testing, SAT, commissioning and protection coordination with TSO.