Computer Networks

Scalability of the solutions

Quality of the design and construction of computer networks makes the difference between companies that survive and those that not survive in the market. Implementing new technologies enable customer’s access to resources at any time from different locations. We build the optimal solution according to customer’s wishes while maintaining the basic criteria for maximum network performance: scalability, simplicity, reliability and stability.

Mobility, BYOD, and other IT trends, set the wireless network as standard in companies: the entire area, in the meeting rooms, the areas of the Board. Our solutions based on high-quality products allow easy access to the Internet with different access rights.



Active networks






For medium and large companies all verticals

Simple and high-quality solutions are designed for all companies, regardless of the industry, who want a reliable and secure ICT infrastructure that simultaneously follows  trends and standards in order to be able to smoothly and successfully operate.

Heart of the ICT infrastructure are computer networks. Therefore, our approach to the design and construction of such solutions is methodical, detailed and comprehensive. Implemented solutions are scalable and based on quality products of world’s leading ICT manufacturers.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows user to work from a remote location and have access to all internal network resources. Security of data transmission is achieved by use of different encryption protocols.
We are building a local computer network with high quality products from leading manufacturers: Cisco, HP and Juniper.
These solutions enable connection of different user devices (smartphone, tablet, and laptop) with an adequate level of protection of network and user devices.
We allow users to connect remotely via secure and continuous connectivity of high-speed access.
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