Business Application

Save time while improving quality and productivity of your business.

Real Estate Registry

The application includes all the relevant information about a particular object or particle that helps to review the ownership and co-ownership.

Graphic location, particles and objects on the map makes it easier to monitor them. *Application is optimized for mobile devices.

OMS (Office Management System)

OMS supports the functionality of a corporate portal as a central point of information exchange among employees, with the possibility of  creating  different sites  in accordance with the organization’s needs (business units, departments, etc.).

  The system also allows users to synchronize documents and access them  in offline mode, ie. situation when their computers don’t  have Internet access.

Human Resources Management (HRM) and Payroll Software

KONČAR HRM  is a business management application that enables organization and personnel  monitoring, tracking candidates and  support employment. The ability to review, analysis and report is perhaps the main advantage of this software because it helps improving  efficiency and keep business productive and successful.

Payroll is a web application for processing wages. It comes as a stand-alone-application and can be fully integrated with HRM.

Company Shares

Intuitive and transparent application for data processing of repayment shares  and tracking dividend quittance.

Provides a complete insight into the shares repayment (principal, interest, dividends, number of paid-up shares at some point) to shareholders but also to the vendor shares.


Catalog of Technological Possibilities

Web application that can be used on the intranet and the Internet. 

Provides an overview of available machinery, equipment, appliances and transportation equipment and their services with general and technological characteristics. This application is a prerequisite for product process rationalization, more efficient use of existing resources and rational technological modernization.

Legal Affairs Management

All-in-one software  that connects all your court cases, arbitration committees, arbitration and all your liabilities related to certain litigation. Integrated system for tracking documents increases efficiency and productivity.

Integration with Microsoft Exchange provides access to information at any time (eg. hearing meetings, ..).

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