To ensure water supply security is now a  development backbone for the cities and the local communities. This is the goal of the KONČAR AMI system – to provide a sustainable, safe and reliable water supply with minimal losses.

KONČAR AMI provides solutions in various segments of the water supply and wastewater management – from the pumping stations, across suppliers and distributors to end users and the drainage systems they use.


Better planning and automation systems.

Cost reduction

Minimized number of complaints and related costs.


Improving the quality of services and market position.

Leakage Management

Detection of unnecessary losses.

Fair Pay

The user pays exactly what he spends.

Maximized savings

Savings of up to 40% (depending on the energy source).

For utilities

With huge savings in the cost of readings, complaints and timely billing, provides leak detection and reduce losses and bring justice to the collection and ultimately creates a satisfied customer. Integrated with business systems and billing system, KONČAR AMI foundation is advanced water supply.

For the end user

KONČAR AMI is also extremely useful for the end user who wants to have their spending under control. Wherever you are spending is available in almost real time and can alarm in case of leakage. Losses have been detected and repaired, and the collection just.

Why choosing KONČAR AMI?

  • Minimum costs using long-range radio, existing GPRS or Ethernet networks
  • Interoperability – reading measuring equipment from different manufacturers
  • Integration with other information systems (Billing, main Energy Information System E2)
  • Web hosting possibility
  • Automatic generation and delivery of customized reports and alarms
  • Minimum CAPEX and OPEX costs
  • Made in EU

Technical description

KONČAR AMI consists of the following components:

Software package for the collection, storage, processing and visualization of measurement data, all with the goal of complete control over energy consumption as a basic prerequisite for cost savings. The full functionality is available via a web browser. If opting for Web Hosting, it cuts the installation costs (no investments in servers and network equipment) and operating costs because KONČAR takes care of the maintenance for you.
The modular device that collects data from meters, the Registrar or a Repeater and transmits them to MARS. To read and transfer data you can choose between 8 communication modules:

To collect the data: BeeKON basic module (IEEE 802.15.4); Wireless M-Bus, Pulse Inputs and RS-232/485 module.

To transfer data to the center: a long-range radio IEEE 802.15.4k, GPRS, Ethernet / ADSL and SD cards. In the case of data transfer to the main computer via a long-range radio, the user is exempt from licensing, as well as any costs of a telecom operator, which positions KONČAR AMI ahead of the competition.

The device, which is mounted next to the meter with pulse, serial or wireless M-bus output and sends them over the wireless network to a Concentrator. The data can be collected from all types of meters from different manufacturers (meter electric energy, water meters, gas meters, etc.). Using local BeeKON network with the frequency of 868 MHz, a maximum range of 1 km (LOS – Line Of Sight) and IEEE 802.15.4 protocol to communicate with the master Concentrator. RGT is powered by a built-in battery with a life expectancy greater than 5 years. For use in humid conditions (for example in manholes), the a RGT in IP68 enclosure is available.
Is an auxilary device used to amplify the wireless signal when the concentrator is outside the range of a RGT. It uses BeeKON network for communication and a replaceable battery with a life span greater than 5 years. It can be networked with up to 10 subunits, which significantly increases the range of KCT, ie. the range of the local network.
Advanced RPMA (Random Phase Multiple Access) technology enables the reception of electromagnetic waves below the level of noise (down to -170 dBm) allowing coverage of more than 12 km with a minimum transmission power (in countries with NIST regulations and over 60 km).
The use of this system also increases efficiency and benefits:
  • unlimited data transfer
  • covering an area without gprs signal (radius> 12 km los)
  • 4x less battery consumption compared to gprs
  • a lot less response time
  • a large number of devices per access point (> 10000)
  • no data transfer costs
  • guaranteed data security/li_item]
  • standardized ieee 802.15.4k solution
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